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Don’t let exposure to domestic violence harm your children

On Behalf of Reisinger Booth & Associates, P.C., L.L.O.  |  Apr 30, 2021  |  Domestic Violence

Although resilient, children can be incredibly fragile. That’s why as a parent you probably do everything you can to protect your children. But sometimes doing so requires legal action, especially if protecting them requires a modification in child custody or visitation. Before taking your case to court, though, you should understand what it is that you’re claiming so that you can make the strongest arguments possible to the judge. This week, let’s briefly look at how domestic violence threatens the wellbeing of children.

How domestic violence affect children

It seems obvious that domestic violence poses a threat to children, but sometimes the full extent of the damage caused is misunderstood. Sure, a child’s exposure to domestic violence can increase the risk that he or she will be physically harmed, such as when he or she tries to intervene to stop the violence, but there can be significant mental health and developmental ramifications for these children, too.

These effects can be wide-ranging and long lasting. Children who are exposed to domestic violence might develop a sense of excessive worry and guilt, and their anxiety can pervade nearly every aspect of their lives. These children can exhibit aggressive and violent behavior, which can disrupt their schooling and their intellectual development. Eating, sleeping, and concentrating can become hard for these children. In totality, the sad reality is that these effects can feed off of each other and leave your child in a spiral of pain and suffering that can affect them into adulthood.

Take action now

We don’t share all of this to scare you. We want you to understand what is at stake for you children so that you can take the action that you think is necessary to protect them the way we know you want to protect them. But to achieve the outcome you want in a court of law, you’re going to need evidence and strong legal arguments. Fortunately, skilled family law attorneys like those at our firm stand ready to help you build your case from the ground up and fiercely fight to protect your children and their best interests as fully as possible.

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