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The nuts and bolts of a Nebraska parenting plan

On Behalf of Reisinger Booth & Associates, P.C., L.L.O.  |  Aug 4, 2021  |  Child Custody

“Emotional and frustrating.”

That is how one proven Nebraska family law legal source terms the interaction that frequently plays out between impending exes in a divorce process involving child custody and parenting rights.

That referenced angst – and often accompanying fear and anger – is hardly surprising, is it? Children are treasured assets, and moms and dads routinely view child-centric matters as uppermost concerns when marriages fail.

“Parents often have disputes about the role they will play in their children’s lives after the dust settles on a divorce,” duly notes the above-cited source.

Although contention can understandably arise concerning many matters, it quite often focuses like a laser on custody issues, especially parental visitation rights and the details of a parenting plan and linked time schedule.

Basic considerations surrounding a Nebraska parenting plan

It is both unequivocal and uncontestable. An in-depth overview of the subject matter underscores that Nebraska law flatly “requires that parents submit a parenting plan to the court.”

The importance of that negotiated and executed document in decouplings involving children cannot be overstated. A parenting plan serves as the judicially endorsed blueprint for parental-child interaction in virtually all important areas of life.

Parents are given broad latitude to craft plans that they can agree upon and that promote the best interests of their kids. If they hit snags and cannot reach consensus, a family law judge will step in and make decisions in their stead.

What a Nebraska parenting plan will centrally focus upon

Nebraska’s statutory law contains quite detailed provisions regarding parenting plan particulars. The aforementioned overview spotlights a number of top-tier focal points that a plan must address, including these:

  • Determinations concerning legal and physical custody
  • How/where children will spend time
  • Scheduling that clearly sets forth each parent’s access to and time spent with children on holidays, birthdays, during vacations and on other special occasions
  • Transition plan (What is the agreement concerning the time and location for transfer of children between parents?)
  • Details regarding processes/provisions that will best ensure a child’s optimal development socially, in school, in sports programs and so forth
  • Understandings concerning changes that will merit a plan’s modification

As can be readily appreciated, a parenting plan is a flexible and potentially adjustable family law tool of great importance. An experienced legal team with a deep well of experience in child-linked divorce matters can provide further information.

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