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What are the three types of protection orders in Nebraska?

On Behalf of Reisinger Booth & Associates, P.C., L.L.O.  |  Feb 26, 2021  |  Domestic Violence

You may love your partner deeply, but fights happen and before you know it you are being accused of domestic violence and are facing a temporary restraining order. You may wonder what your rights are in such situations. The following is a brief overview of protection orders in Nebraska.

The three types of protection orders

There are three types of protection orders in Nebraska. They include:

  • Domestic abuse protection orders. These are issued when two people are in a close relationship with one another, and one party tried, threatened or caused bodily harm or nonconsensual sexual contact.
  • Harassment protection orders. These types of orders do not depend on the relationship the parties have with one another. However, they do require that the party being served with the protection order has repeatedly contacted the other party to terrify them, make threats or intimidate them, and there must be no legitimate reason for this contact.
  • Sexual assault protection orders. These types of orders do not depend on the relationship the parties have with one another. They are issued when one party either subjected or tried to subject the other party into nonconsensual sexual activity.

What will happen to my children if I’m served with a protection order?

If your partner sought a Domestic Abuse Protection Order, he or she may be granted temporary custody of the children you have together. This custody can last up to 90 days. Temporary custody is not awarded in cases involving a Harassment Protection Order or a Sexual Assault Protection Order.

Learn more about restraining orders in Nebraska

Those in Omaha who are served with a protection order may be very concerned about their rights and future. Ultimately, this post does not contain legal advice, and is for educational purposes only. Our firm’s website has further information on this topic that readers of this blog may find useful.

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