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Your Future Is On The Line After A Drug Charge

A misdemeanor or felony charge for drug possession or distribution in Nebraska could stain your record forever. A conviction by plea agreement or jury verdict can mean you may face time in jail, a heavy fine and a permanent record. If you are under investigation, or have already been charged with any state or federal narcotics charge in Nebraska, you need serious legal defense.

Over 25 Years’ Experience Defending Against Drug Charges

We have extensive experience representing clients charged with state and federal drug crimes, including:

  • Marijuana possession and distribution
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Federal or state drug trafficking and drug conspiracy charges
  • Internet narcotics charges and illegal online sale of drugs
  • Cocaine, crack and methamphetamine sale and meth lab operations
  • Felony possession with intent to distribute
  • Drug manufacturing and cultivation

We Challenge Everything Because Your Future Depends On It

We are the criminal law attorneys of Reisinger Booth & Associates in Omaha. Since opening our firm more than 25 years ago, we have earned the reputation as tough, effective criminal defense attorneys. We have helped hundreds of people through the criminal courts in Omaha and the surrounding counties.

We do not take shortcuts in cases involving drug charges. Your freedom and your future are at stake. We are respected by the local judges and prosecutors for thorough preparation and a willingness to stand firm to help our clients get the best possible outcome for their charges. We thoroughly investigate the charges, the police activity while making the arrest and the prosecutor’s case. We pursue every strategy to protect your civil rights regarding probable cause for the arrest, illegal search and seizure, and Miranda rights.

We Work Hard To Keep You Out Of Jail

Sometimes, the evidence means that you cannot avoid a conviction. Prosecutors and judges know that integrity is the cornerstone of our law firm. When we sit down to work out a satisfactory resolution to misdemeanor charges, we will do everything possible to come to an agreement that does not include time in jail.

Our Experience Is Your Gain. Call Today.

From offices in Omaha, our lawyers advise and represent clients in Nebraska and the surrounding counties. Contact us to arrange a free consultation at our firm today or call 402-983-8213.

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