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When most people begin thinking about divorce, their worries turn immediately to their future. Everyone has heard stories of people who lost their parenting rights and financial security after an emotional court battle. The truth is, nobody wins in a divorce.

Nebraska family law judges do everything possible to make decisions that protect the rights of all parties in divorce. It is often the lawyers who make the most significant difference in the final outcome.

At Reisinger Booth & Associates in Omaha, we have earned a reputation for working vigorously to protect our clients’ rights throughout divorce, while always searching for an alternative to a costly and emotional courtroom battle. Finding a negotiated settlement is almost always in the best long-term interest of the parties involved, and working out a resolution outside of the courtroom is what judges expect.

We Help To Make The Divorce As Painless As Possible

We are experienced divorce mediation professionals who understand strategies for helping people find common ground, even when the disputes on the table seem insurmountable. In the event some disputes over property or parenting rights cannot be resolved without a trial, you will have an experienced, skilled trial attorney fighting for your rights in court.

You Will Not Be Passed Onto Another Member Of Our Staff

Your Reisinger Booth & Associates attorney will work directly with you throughout your family law case. We are responsive to calls and questions, and we take extra care to explain legal matters in language that is clear, concise and keeps you empowered to make critical decisions to protect your immediate and long-term interests.

We Will Answer Your Questions In A Free Initial Consultation

From offices in Omaha, our lawyers advise and represent clients in Omaha and the surrounding counties. Contact us to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys today.

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