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Do Not Overlook Crucial Aspects Of Estate Planning

More than half of Americans do not have an estate plan. For years, our attorneys at Reisinger Booth & Associates have learned just what it is that holds generations of families back from planning for their incapacity or death.

Over time, we have found that most people believe that their assets are simply too insignificant to require planning or lack a basic understanding of what an estate plan is. We are committed to changing that.

I Am Young. Do I Even Need An Estate Plan?

Every adult in Nebraska can benefit from an estate plan. This is especially true for parents who want to designate a guardian for their child if they become incapacitated.

In addition, there may come a time when you cannot make your own health care decisions. With an estate plan, you can select a health care representative who will make these decisions on your behalf and provide written instructions regarding your wishes.

What Documents Do I Need In My Estate Plan?

Comprehensive estate plans require more than just a will or trust. They also include a power of attorney or health care directive. It is essential to have a health care directive so that you can select who will be making your health care decisions if you are unable to. In addition, a power of attorney document ensures that someone can manage your finances if you are incapacitated.

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